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Exercise and diabetes go together like . . . Bogey and Bacall, peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie, salt and pepper and Sonny and Cher. All of these are famous duos, great teams that have worked well together over time. Exercise and diabetes are also a well-functioning team, if the reasons for exercising are understood and guidelines are followed appropriately.

When you have diabetes, exercise can make it easier for you to control your blood sugars and stay healthier. However, if you have any of the complications of diabetes such as, heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease, poor circulation or nerve damage, it's important that you know what types of exercise are best for you.

In an effort to help you remember the important exercise related questions to ask your doctor, we have provided a printable "What to ask the doctor" list after each health related section. For your safety, we have also included a table of exercises to avoid for each of the long-term complications.

Once you have had the chance to read up on the health concerns that are related to your diabetes, you can view all of the exercises that will be beneficial for you to do in the article entitled "Putting It Altogether" at the end of the program.

So, what are you waiting for? The time has never been better to get started!