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Carb Counting 101
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Measuring Tricks of the Trade

Before starting carbohydrate counting, it's important to know what types of tools are helpful in making this experience a successful one for you.

Tools are a help

  • Become familiar with how to read food labels.
  • Obtain measuring tools (measuring cups, spoons and a food scale are useful here).
  • Gather resources on how to plan healthy meals.
  • Carbohydrate Resource guides are a must.

The Food Exchange System published by the American Diabetes Association is referred to most in this program, however, it is also helpful to have a carb counting reference book such as "The Diabetes Carbohydrate and Fat Gram Guide" by Lee Ann Holzmeister. To obtain either of these reference sources, click on the "Carb Resource Guides" button at the left of this page.

Food Diaries
When first getting started, it is also helpful to record the food you eat on a daily basis for at least a few weeks to determine what your eating patterns look like. This will provide you with information on how much you are eating from each of the primary nutrient groups (carbohydrate, protein and fat). In addition, by keeping the amount of carbohydrate you eat at each meal and snack consistent, you can expect your blood sugars to become more evenly matched with your medication and exercise.

Example: This type of consistency will produce more predictable blood glucose readings.

  Breakfast Mid-AM Snack Lunch Mid-PM Snack Dinner Bedtime Snack
Monday 45 gms carb 15 gms carb 60 gms carb 12 gms carb 70 gms carb 15 gms carb
Tuesday 50 gms carb 15 gms carb 55 gms carb 15 gms carb 65 gms carb 15 gms carb
Wednesday 48 gms carb 15 gms carb 58 gms carb 12 gms carb 70 gms carb 15 gms carb

Short on time?
You may be thinking "I don't have time to weigh and measure my foods and besides, I eat most of my meals away from home" or "If I have to do this much work, forget it!". For these very reasons, several easy methods for determining food portions have been developed. Click continue to obtain assistance in becoming a portion wizard!